Hilarious moment as daughter crashes professor’s live interview on BBC

Image Source: BBC

Working from home is the new normal in these times. And with the entire family, along with children at home, some hilarious accidents are bound to happen.

This is exactly what happened with Dr. Clare Wenham, a global health policy expert at the London School of Economics recently when she was speaking to BBC’s Christian Fraser in a video call from her home.

Dr. Wenham and Fraser were having a discussion about the coronavirus pandemic when Dr. Wenham’s daughter Scarlett appeared in the frame.

And despite Dr. Wenham’s best efforts to ensure that her daughter does not interrupt the interview, the young girl demanded to know who her mother was speaking with.

So Scarlett barged into the room and was first seen trying to find a spot to place her unicorn painting as her mother continued the discussion. This prompted the host, Christian Fraser to ask for her name and Dr. Wenham replied.

“Scarlett,” he said, after getting to know her name. “I think it looks better on the lower shelf, and it’s a lovely unicorn.”

But Scarlett was not in the mood to leave the room so easily and really wanted to have some more conversation with the host.

“What’s his name? What’s his name, Mummy?” she demanded to know. And once Christian gave out his name, she said, “Christian I’m just deciding where mummy wants it the to go,” referring to the unicorn painting. “Mummy, where do you want it to go?”

And in all of this chaos, Dr. Wenham was a picture of grace and poise, smiling and apologizing through the interview.

In another similar incident, Deborah Haynes – the foreign affairs editor at Sky News – had a surprise guest during her live interview from home with anchor Mark Austin. It was her little son who wanted to know whether he could eat two biscuits!

While the video itself is hilarious, many netizens appreciated the little boy for his tactics – asking something from his mother just when she cannot refuse it!

What do you think about these two incidents? Don’t they beautifully show the struggles of working mothers? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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