World’s longest waterslide opens in Malaysia

All you adventure junkies out there, we have some fantastic news for you.

Remember when you took those water slides? You climb up for several minutes, huffing and puffing through a fleet of stairs. And then, almost as soon as you slide down, it is over! The exhilaration lasts only for a few seconds and you are left wanting more.

But, the ESCAPE theme park in Penang, Malaysia is not going to leave you wanting for more.

The world’s longest waterslide stretching a massive 1,140 metres (3,740 feet) is now open at this park. This slide offers a thrilling four-minute ride and passes through some scenic jungles. It is a permanent structure and is made of fibre-reinforced polymer. Interestingly, you can choose not to climb all the way to the top of the slide: you can access it through a cable car chairlift.

This slide, by far, surpasses the previous record holder for the longest waterslide by Action Park, a theme park located in Vernon, New Jersey. This slide is 1,970 feet long and also happens to be an inflatable one.

“Breaking the world record was never our intention,” said Sim Choo Kheng, CEO of ESCAPE operator Sim Leisure Group, in a statement. “I’m always baffled by how rides are made so short and quick. I wanted to build rides that last a good few minutes, with non-stop smiles and giggles as visitors fly through the rainforest-something never done before!”

Check out more details about this park here.

We are booking our tickets to the ESCAPE theme park already! How about you?

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