Venom Review – a fun dark movie

Venom Review

Venom review

There are times when you have to ignore the critics and go with your guts.  If the trailers has pumped you up, I think you should pump up a bit more, and reach out to the nearest theatre.

Tom Hardy is excellent, there are good fun moments.  Overall, the movie is good.

Dont expect anything new though, as the plot is classic for this kind of movie.

Just sit back and enjoy the special effects and fun moments here and there in the movie, I would say.


The Review

Venom movie

3.5 Score

Its rare to see a movie that's dark and fun at the same time. I would say, its worth a watch.


  • Tom Hardy's acting
  • The fun talk between the symbiote and the hero
  • Good visual effects


  • Storyline

Review Breakdown

  • Acting
  • Action
  • Story
  • VFX
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