This video of dads learning ballet with their daughters goes viral!

Image Source: E’Chappe Dance Arts

It is not uncommon for mothers to be more involved with the activities of their children. Mothers are generally known to be more nurturing and involved with their kids.

However, this group of dads is breaking stereotypes and how!

A video of fathers taking ballet lessons with their daughters at E’Chappe Dance Arts (EDA), a dance studio in Philadelphia, has gone viral. The video shows dads dancing along with their daughters, and many of them are doing a fantastic job!

The founder of EDA, Erin Lee said that she started this initiative of a father-daughter dance class after noticing that many of them were keenly interested and involved in their daughter’s love for dance. They picked and dropped their girls to the classes and were excited about how much their girls loved dance.

“Here we’re really big on dance dads,” she told “Good Morning America.” “They do pick up and drop off and are getting the girls ready for dance recitals.”

“Year-round those dads are here and it’s very rarely acknowledged,” Lee said. “We wanted to show the world that this happens.” Ever since the video has been put up online, it has gone viral and has been viewed and shared thousands of times. It has also been shared by Jennifer Garner, who has praised their fathers for their dedication and commitment.

With all the attention that this video has gathered, the dance studio is considering turning these classes in a monthly event.

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