Things To Take Away from Tony Stark

We are not Really Jarvis, But We could Try Right?

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Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or what the fans lovingly call as MCU) has been launched, Tony Stark has been this selfish but genius scientist who made things that are otherwise unreachable and unthought of by mankind.

I mean, protecting his heart with an arc-reactor? Really, Tony?

Stan Lee, the creator of the character, once said that Tony’s character was created out of nowhere and in the funniest way. With his intelligence, charm, and wit, Tony could pretty much convince anyone to do things his way. This character has evolved from a smart-ass business magnet from America to the guy with a heart – a heart big enough to save the world.

Tony Stark was introduced as the genius behind the Stark Industries, carrying forward the legacy of his father. He was everything that he had mentioned about himself in the movie, “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.” The first time we came across this weapons manufacturer, he reflected the kind of character that no one can possibly love. He almost made us believe that his arc reactor is the only proof that he has a heart.

Turns out that this man had the biggest heart that brought him to save the world by sacrificing himself.

Here is a List of All the Things that we Can Learn from Tony Stark:

  1. Tony, right from the beginning, has been representing the importance of being smart (well, the money helped as well). No matter how arrogant he sounded in most of his dialogues, we couldn’t ever bring ourselves to deny or disprove what he had to say.
  2. The fact that he is human and that he became powerful without being bit by a spider or even by any gamma radiations is what makes him the most loved Avenger. He beautifully teaches us that humans can do anything they want if they have the nerve for it.
  3. He taught us to be brave. To face an enemy as big as Thanos, despite being a human with no superpowers except something that he built with his own hands, is certainly a big deal!
  4. He taught us to respect our feelings. He treated Spiderman as nothing less than his own child, and when he was dying, it got all of us weeping like babies in front of the screen. And the reunion! Let’s not even get there!
  5. He taught us to fight for who we love and to never give up.
  6. He taught us to be kind, to leave our selfish nature behind and to be more selfless.

When he sacrificed himself on the big screen, a lot of us were left weeping. We all wished he would somehow come back and crack a joke to make us all happy. Well, he didn’t and yet he left a lot of things for us to count on. In the most subtle manner, Tony taught us the biggest life lessons.

Well, there is still one thing that we cannot take away from him.
The fact that he is IRON MAN.

What do you think? Is there anything else that Tony Stark taught you? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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