Luke Borean: Goalkeeper gets married in the morning, and guides team to semifinal win in the evening

Image Source: Instagram/Lions FC

There are few people that show exceptional commitment to duty. And Queensland Lions player Luke Borean is certainly one of them.

The 30-year-old Borean tied the knot with Ellen Hepburn in the morning and then, swapped his tuxedo with his goalkeeper gloves in the evening, pulling off an incredible save and guiding his team to a 4-1 win over Peninsula Power in the second-tier National Premier Leagues (NPL) Queensland and securing them a place in the final.

Reportedly, the Boreans arrived at the stadium in a Ferrari in their wedding dresses!

“It is not every day you get to bring your bride and wedding party to a game of football,” the Lions posted on social media, alongside a photo of Borean, his teammates and partner Ellen Hepburn still in her wedding dress. Interestingly, Hepburn is also a goalkeeper for the Souths United team.

The post continued: “They enjoyed the reception and then all headed out to Peninsula to watch Luke play for a spot in next week’s grand final.

“Amazing stuff and congratulations on the newly wed couple. Many happy times to you both.”

Coach Darren Simes admitted that quite a few people were shocked by Borean’s decision to play the match in the evening. “There were definitely some open mouths — they were genuinely shocked,” Sime said.

“We had a chat in the dressing room before the game about it, and there was some genuine love there for what Luke and Ellen had done.

“The mood was that: ‘If he’s gone this far for this team, I’ve got to turn it up tonight too.'”

Isn’t this fantastic commitment? What do you think of this act of Luke Borean? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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