Federer, Zverev match in Mexico City breaks record for audience attendance

Image Source: tennis365.com

Roger Federer is not called GOAT for no reason. His ability to connect with tennis fans across the world is legendary and he goes on to prove it time and again.

And while breaking records is commonplace for him, he described this new one that he set as “magical”.

According to ESPN, an exhibition match held in Mexico City on 23rd November between Roger Federer from Switzerland and Alexander Zverev from Germany broke the world record for attendance at a tennis match.

The match was held in the world’s largest bullring, the Plaza de Toros.

With 42,517 spectators watching Federer win over Zverev 6-3, 4-6, 2-6, this match comfortably surpassed the earlier record of 35,681 spectators at an exhibition game between Belgian Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams in Belgium in 2010 at the King Baudouin stadium in Brussels.

Federer took to Twitter to share his thoughts on this match, putting up a breathtaking photo of the stadium.

Interestingly, Federer plans to break this record again when he plays Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal in February next year in an exhibition match in South Africa. The match will be played at the Cape Town Stadium, which has a capacity of 55,000.

This match is a testimony to the greatness of this 20-time Grand Slam champion! What do you think?

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