Barcelona players take a 70 per cent cut to reduce economic impact caused by coronavirus

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We have been bringing heartwarming news to you about how footballers across the world are doing all they can to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and reduce its economic impact.

While Italian football club, AS Roma has been distributing food and medical supplies to its elderly fans, footballers and football clubs across Europe have been generously contributing towards relief efforts.

Most of the clubs are also facing severe economic repercussions as most of the football tournaments have been suspended indefinitely.

Spanish football club Barcelona announced that its players and staff will take temporary cuts in their pay as the club faces one of its worst economic crisis. Captain Lionel Messi announced that its players will take a 70 per cent cut during this pandemic and make additional contributions to make sure that the non-sporting staff receive their full salaries.

In a statement, Messi said, “Before going any further, we want to make it clear that we were always willing to reduce our salaries because we understand perfectly that we are in an exceptional situation. We, as players, are always here to help the the club when they ask.

“It does not cease to surprise us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to do something that we always knew we would do.

“If we didn’t speak until now, it’s because the priority was to to find solutions to help the club and to see who the most affected were during this situation.

“For our party, the moment has arrived that, the cut will be 70% of our wage during the state of alarm. We will also help out the club in order for the workers to be paid 100% of their wages.”

In Germany too, four top-tier football teams – Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen – have collaborated to create a 20 million euro fund to help clubs avoid a financial disaster.

Doesn’t all this restore our faith in humanity? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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