LEGO to launch buildable posters that include the Beatles and Iron Man

Image Source: LEGO

LEGO is coming up with a super interesting offering for its fans!

And what is this? A fantastic new line of build-your-own posters designed for adults!

So, instead of creating objects, this new product lets you create your your own portraits. Each art set has one canvas measuring 15.5 inches, and includes over 3,000 tiny, round pieces in a wide range of colors that can be fit onto the canvas.

The icing on the cake is that each Lego Art set is accompanied by a soundtrack that you can listen to while building it. The 90-minute track would feature rare recordings and interviews about the art, apart from some interesting backstories.

Currently, there are four sets in the lineup: Andy Warhol’s iconic picture of Marilyn Monroe, portraits of the members of the legendary music band The Beatles, a set featuring different versions of Iron Man’s suit, and a Star Wars set based on popular villains.

LEGO confirms that there is no one right way of creating these portraits and it is totally the user’s choice. For instance, one Beatles Art Set helps you create one member of the band, or you can buy four sets to create all the four members.

“LEGO Art is aimed at both adults that are familiar with the LEGO universe, but also those that may never have considered purchasing a LEGO set before. The 2-Dimensional building platform is easy to master and escape in. With a new style of building instruction and included ‘soundtrack’ to engage and immerse yourself in your favorite passions. Each set includes a soundtrack and options to build alternate mosaics,” said Samuel Johnson, the design lead for the LEGO Art range.

Each of these LEGO Art sets costs $120. The bad news is that you have to wait a little longer to get your hands on them – they are available for international retailers on 1st August, and for people in the United States on 1st September.

Read more about the art sets here.

What do you think about these innovative art sets? We can’t wait to get our hands on them! How about you?

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