Get paid $1,000 for binge watching Star Wars

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Are you a Star Wars fan? This is just what you would love! will pay one winner a cool $1,000 to watch each of the Star Wars movie back-to-back. Wow! Isn’t this just awesome?

So what do you have to do to win?

First, you have to fill in your applications by Wednesday, 11th December. All the application requires is a few basic details, which include a descriptive answer on what makes you the most qualified candidate to watch this Star Wars movie marathon.

If you are selected, you have to watch 22 hours, 25 minutes of the Star Wars awesomeness and keep sharing your movie-watching experience on social media by tagging @CableTV on Twitter. If you are active on other social media portals such as Twitch or Reddit, it is a bonus!

And which are the movies that you are expected to watch? All 10 Star Wars ones in any order! Here they are:

The movie marathon wraps up before the saga comes to an end on 20th December with the release of the final chapter – ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’

We have already filled in our application forms! Have you? Time is running out!

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