Nintendo releases ‘Super Mario Bros. 35’!

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How many of you played the original Super Mario Bros. videogame and reminisce the good ol’ days now?

If you do, we have some fantastic news for you! Read on to know more…

Nintendo, the Japanese video game company behind the famous Super Mario Bros. videogame, has come up with a brand new edition called “Super Mario Bros. 35” as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of the little plumber.

This edition has beautifully integrated the spirit of the old Mario with the modern online multiplayer battle experience. So, the game pits you against 34 other Marios and the last Mario standing or the one with the most time remaining when the others have timed out wins the game. In this race against time, each player is given the same times stage and one must defeat enemies and attack one’s opponents to win. You would earn some extra time when you perform well and attack your enemies. To make it more interesting and engaging, the game will also feature some daily challenges and special battles.

However, the other aspects have been picked up from the old Mario edition, where players have to pick up coins, avoid enemies, and jump on turtles!

This game is available from 1st October this year until 31st March next year as a free download for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, after which it will be disabled.

To read more about the game, click here.

This is, however, not the first time that Nintendo has followed the online multiplayer battle format. Last year, it has introduced “Tetris 99” as a competitive multiplayer online experience in which the last player standing wins.

We certainly cannot wait to get our hands on the game! Are you excited about this new release? Do let us know your views and thoughts in the comments section below.

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