Donate your old lego bricks to kids in need

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Do you have a bunch of Lego bricks that you are not using anymore?

Then don’t worry, Lego has got you covered. You can get rid of the bricks from your home, clear the clutter, and make some space.

At the same time, you are also giving another kid some happiness.

In its recent Replay initiative, Lego is allowing owners to printout a free shipping label. After this, they can load up their Lego pieces in a box and send them off to be donated to the kids in the United States. These Lego bricks reach to children who may not have access to them otherwise. Isn’t this a great initiative?

Replay Initiative with LEGO

For the Replay initiative, Lego has teamed up with Teach for America, Boys & Girls Club of Boston, and Give Back Box. These collected Lego pieces are sent to Give Back Box, which sorts and cleans these bricks. These bricks are then distributed to the non-profit organisations to be sent to kids.

Since it is not unknown that the Lego sets are expensive, this initiative is a blessing for the lower-income families. The children from such families might not otherwise get an opportunity to play and build with the Lego bricks. Hence, donating your bricks to them is better than hoarding them and, finally, throwing them out.

That being said, Lego is not being picky about choosing the bricks in these boxes. Therefore, donors can pack any Lego bricks they have and send them to the company. Give Back Box will take your package and check for broken or flat Lego pieces and will sort them appropriately.

According to Tim Brooks, the Environmental Responsibility Vice President of the Lego Group, most people don’t throw their Lego bricks away. He said that a vast majority of them hand these down to their children or grandchildren. However, the others have asked them for a safe way to dispose of or to help them donate these bricks. Keeping this in mind, Lego has come up with the Replay initiative.

With the Teach for America & Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

Majority of these bricks will be sent to the non-profit organization Teach for America, which will distribute them to classrooms across the country. Learning concepts through play has a great positive impact on the minds of children. It plays a very important role in the cognitive development of a child. According to the Chief Operating and Program Office of Teach for America, Susan Asiyanbi, this method of teaching helps children develop fine motor skills, to think creatively, and to learn how to solve problems through teamwork.

These bricks will also be sent to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. They will be mostly incorporating them in their after school programs. Both these non-profit organizations will receive their first shipments in November 2019. After spring 2020, the Lego Group is also planning to bring a possible expansion to this program.

If you are living in the United States, try to participate in this initiative and help the less privileged children. You can read more details about this wonderful initiative here.

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